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Imperial Alex's awesome Pac application

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1: Steam Name: Djaggerx

2:Steam ID:

3:In game name(s)[include your character rank e.g: sc captain 1234 harry]: SC 1st LT JTS E 4806 Alex

4:Playtime on the MVG Imperial server: 3 days, 13 hours after play time wipe. 2 days, 5 hours before play time wipe

5:Current rank held on server (Choose between: Staff/Advisor/Veteran/User): User

6:For what reason(s) do you wish to use PAC (100 word min): There is a saying: "dress to impress" thats exactly what im planning to do when i get PAC. PAC whil allow me not only to look like a proffesional or a leader but i wil also allow me to do certain emotes or stances that will help my troopers on the field. things like signs to move back/ move out or scanning emotes to make checkpoints feel more realistic. these little things give such a improvement to my RP that its a must have. i worked my fingers to the bone Climbing the ranks and reviving my regiment so i see this as a little cherry on top to make my RP experience complete.

7: Give an example on what you would put on your playermodel and how you would do it: i had ideas like emotes for on the field. move out, move back, rally to me etc. just some little emotes to make field work a bit more realistic. Also adding a little laser to my helmet that scans so during checkpoints i have a actuall scanner. also some basics with equipment storage: grenade belt, weapons on the back, tazer stick strapped to my leg and some little things like scars or medals to show my battle hardednes. i would also add some IDLE animations like arms crossed and a little hologram for typing

8:What effect would the use have on your RP experience and of the other people around you (100 word min): its Always nice to have some realistic things in a RP server to get immersed in your gameplay. These realistic things could be big but i think its the little things that make the experience better. my pac would be one of those little things. it would make manning checkpoints just that little bit more realistic by adding the scanner and ofcourse i would stand out more like a leader and somebody that knows their things which helps me to mark my position as officer. standing out makes sure people know i have worked hard and fought hard and they can have some more pride knowing that they have a dedicated trooper at the helm of their regiment

9: Have you received any warnings or bans on MVG Imperial (If so list amount of warns/bans and reason for each of them.[do be advised we can and will check if what you say is true.]): as far as i know i have 2 warnings. 1 for sexual content in RP and another one for cuffabuse

10: Do you understand that by posting this application you accept to have read and agree to follow to all of the PAC rules on MVG Imperial?: yes
Posted Jun 28, 21 · OP
Head Administrator


On behalf of the MVG Imperial Team we have decided that your application has been Accepted

I have decided to accept your PAC application, please ask a Admin+ to whitelist you on the server, be prepared to show this application to the staff member on the server.
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Posted Jul 1, 21
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