-=Entering data log #0034, Codename: ACRIUS=-
-=Please enter password: [data expunged]=-
-=Access Granted=-

I never thought i will be saying this, but the Forge of the Purebloods is real. What was once a place where the art of Blood Smithing developed over hundreds of years, became lost to time. Until now. I have stumbled upon some of Acrius' artifacts in the past, like his own forge hammer, or Shieldbearer's Armguards, but i never thought i would be able to find his forge, located on Rhen Var. Makes sence, as this planet is almost barren and completely isolated. I have been tracking any and all movements around the forge's final resting place, and it would seem the Rebels want to utilise the forge for their own gain. Turns out the Jedi were against this decision, according to what i heard through their comms. Why would they refuse to join the rebels in raiding the place? What are they really afraid of? I will have to find the answers in the forge.

Acrius made sure that nobody would be able to infiltrate into the forge, placing many puzzles and traps, and of course, his army of steel golems which guard the place. Gotta make sure to preserve the place as best as we can, so explosives are out of the question. Vehicles are also not an option since it will cause too much noise.

Something tells me there is something far more sinister hidden at the heart of the forge. And if it breaks free, the galaxy will be in grave danger. We must NOT let that happen...

I will be informing the Dark Council of my findings in due time once i manage to confirm all the intel. End of log.