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Clone Wars Dylans first Cw pac app

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In-Game Name(s): RC CPT Sev
In-game Rank(A minimum rank of 1st LT or Master Specialist is needed): RC CPT
For what reasons would you use PAC? (A minimum of 100 words): i would like to use Pac for my RC character Sev to add his sniper onto his backpack and also add tome ammo shells onto his amour, doing this will make him look a lot cooler and stick out a bit more, id also use pac to add animations of his with his arms cross as Sev is a more serious character in Delta squad and a small animation of him putting the sniper onto his backpack or holding his sniper in the air, all these will make him look a bit more delta like and a lot more gamer.
Give us an example of what you would put on your character(s): ill put a sniper on his backpack and maybe some ammo shells and possibly a pistol on his side.
What effect would it have on your RP? (A minimum of 100 words): the effect pac would have on my RP wouldn't be massive as some of the animations that i might use will make sev as a sniper expert stick out a bit more for example him putting the snipper on his back after a mission in DB would add a little bit of RP of him after a mission, him crossing his arms adds some Delta RP as Sev is one of the most serious Delta members where as Scorch is more relaxed so having sev with his arms crossed a lot makes it fell and look more serious being him.
How many warnings do you have?: none
Have you had PAC3 previously?: not on CW but on IMP i have
Are you fully aware that if you breach any of the rules your access will be removed?: yes i am
Posted Jun 20, 21 · OP
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On Behalf of the Clone Wars Staff team
The following PAC Application has been Accepted

Make sure to contact Administrator+ in-game to receive your PAC access and ensure you follow the PAC rules.

Many Thanks

//Locked and moved to accepted
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Posted Jun 21, 21
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