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Imperial Benjis Nc app.

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Naval Application :


Name: Benji

Current Rank and Regiment: Stormtrooper, PVT.

Previous Commanding Experiences: 212th Executive officer, ISB Agent, IM Commander, GM 2nd LT, SC Major. Ex naval command.

Character History:: I was only the age of twelve when my father left to go serve the empire, I was very close to him, He was the one man I looked up to. Growing up I knew I always wanted to follow in his footsteps, So from that young age I trained my self every day to become the strongest and fittest man I can be, I wanted to make that man proud.

In cadet training they were impressed with my skills, abilities and eagerness, When I first put my stormtrooper armour on I felt proud, Really proud, I was waiting to see what regiment I thought would be fit for me, As soon as I saw that broad commander wearing that 212th uniform, Seeing his professionalism and standards I thought this would be great for me to excel and really show my self and make my father proud, I kindly spoke to commander fudge, And asked the man for a tryout, If I did not meet this man, I would not be here today, I would not be alive, He saved me, he helped, He made me, afterwards We went down to Hoth where he hosted the tryout for me, I was really excited by the fact I was given a chance to join the regiment that everyone was so proud to be a part of, I passed the tryout with flying colours, Then and there I was given my armour. I put that armour on and I stood broad and square. Slowly I showed them who I was and my abilities. I slowly crawled my way up the ranks, Until I was awarded the rank of 2nd lieutenant, Where under poor circumstances there was a period where I had to command the regiment and fix things without much assistance, This was where I learnt to become independent and a leader, I worked for hours and hours a day, To improve on what was already great.

After my time in the 212th battalion, I was recruited in the Imperial Security Bureau, where I served the empire to the greatest of my ability. After a short stay In the Imperial Security Bureau, I resigned and wanted to develop my skills as a trooper, This was where I joined the Imperial medic division. I slowly started climbing the ranks and through many hardships and issues, I battled it through and made it to the commander position where I truly learnt to connect to my subordinates and build bonds that I would never forget. I then moved onto becoming a Shock commando which was a very big change in style for me, This was where I learnt to properly stand up for those around and become a family. Being a shock commando really help me land on my feet and find who I truly was.

Describe the main role of the Imperial Navy: The Main role of the imperial navy is to be able to competently lead his men into battle, Whilst on board they take the role of OD who will overlook everything going on aboard the Imperial star destroyer, for example granting training, Regimental tryouts and giving orders. Most importantly they must show undying loyalty to the empire and all who serve under the Emperor.

Why do you wish to join the Imperial Navy:: I wish to join the Imperial Navy as I feel like its where my skills could best be utilized onboard the ISD, I'd also like to improve on my vast variety on commanding skills I have collected on over the past. Also, it will be a new experience and it'll be a path yet to be explored for me.

What attributes could you bring to the Imperial Navy: Well, first of all, I am dedicated so whatever I have to do I will do with 120% effort and if for some reason I am unable to do I what is needed of me then I will ask for help and learn all I must know in order to complete the task. Secondly, I am always honest which means If I make mistakes I will own up to them and always take full responsibility for my actions, This is good as it goes against corruption and shows I am a person of good character. Finally, I am also very understanding which means if people make mistakes or do not understand something then I will not be arrogant or rude, I will help them, if they want, to understand and learn things they don’t know. I am also very understanding which means if people make mistakes or do not understand something then I will not be arrogant or rude, I will help them, if they want, to understand and learn things they don’t know. This creates a friendlier and more accepting environment and also upholds the high standards which are expected.
Out of character:

Steam name: Benji

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:56747077.

Total playtime: 3 weeks

How active can you be: Fairly Active.

Do you have and are you willing to use a microphone?: Yes.

Long live the Empire!
Posted Apr 3, 21 · OP
-=[ Incoming transmission from Naval Command of the ISDJames Martin ]=-

Thank you for submitting an application to join the Imperial Navy, we will review it in the next meeting. If you have any questions about the Imperial Navy, please contact an NC member.

Long live the Empire!

Posted Apr 3, 21
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-=[ Incoming transmission from Naval Command of the ISD James Martin ]=-

The Imperial Navy has reviewed your application and we have decided that you will be DENIED as the Imperial Navy have come to terms and have agreed that you are not yet fit to receive a role inside Naval Command as we would like you to get to 2nd Lt first. This means, you as an applicant will have to continue working inside of your branch or regiment, and wait 2 weeks until you can apply once more. For further details about your denial, please contact a member of the Admiralty.

Long live the Empire!
Spoiler: Regimental History (Imperial)Show
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