So it has been a long time now, and I've been doing a lot of thinking and collection of data and these are a few points I have come up with.

[*] First, Lurcher is not doing this out of spite just towards you. It is just who he is and anyone that he thinks deserves it will take the brunt of this.

[*] Second, Yes he may have a role in the 501st Discord, However it has no extra permissions and if it ever ends up with extra permissions I will personally delete the role myself.

[*] Thirdly, I would recommend blocking anyone who has been saying anything remotely bad about you, Yes it may make you seem like a "Snowflake" But who really cares after all it is a Discord server with people from all around the world it won't hurt their feelings.

[*] Finally, It is not be a secret that I am friends with Lurcher however this will not be tolerated at all I shall speak to him and figure out what the main course of action is. But if this happens again feel free to message me no matter the cause or time because I do not want to be losing players because of this I do not want this to happen again either between veterans or new players as this is not a good light to see Imperial under.

Now that is what I have to say so your Player report has been DENIED However if this does happen again this will be dealt with as soon as possible as this is unacceptable, Have a good day.

- Haze