Last Updated: 12/01/2021 by Jack

Rust is a self-moderated game with its built-in anti-cheat but there are some things that still cant be automatically moderated by the anti-cheat this is where our own staff team will come in to keep order on the Rust servers. There are multiple staff positions from being a chat moderator to being a full-time moderator where you keep an eye out for cheaters who haven't been sought out by the anti-cheat yet. Being in the staff team will mean you keep the order of the people on the server and give support to anyone who needs help. If you think you would be a good addition to the Rust staff team then please follow the template below and join the team today. Good Luck

Please read the following Staff Contract. This outlines your duties as a member of staff.

Please note - You are allowed to edit the template to include more information or too change the colours/layout. However the questions below are mandatory and MUST be included.

Added note - If the applications are CLOSED you should NOT submit an application, otherwise, it will be instantly denied, please only apply when the applications are open.

[center] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Steam name:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Steam ID:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]In-Game name(s):[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]In-game playtime total:[/size][/color] (A minimum of 1 week in-game play-time is required [url=]Use this to find ingame Time[/url]) [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Age: (you have to be at least 18)[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Where are you from: (Please include the timezone compared to GMT)[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Do you have a functioning microphone: (You are required to have one so that we can properly communicate with you)[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]A bit about you:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Other staffing experience:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Why would you like to become a staff member:[/size][/color]. [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Have you read and do you accept the Staff Guidelines:[/size][/color]. [/center]

If you have any problems with applying please get in contact with either me or DeadShot Thanks