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Imperial The Meeting.

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Ahh dammit, why does the major have to do all this shit that i have to sort... Especially with these new recruits im just being worked up...
Bunk door opens, ST walks in.
Hey ST.. Tryout im guessing? Just sit on the bed...

No don't think so...
ST Takes his helmet off..
El Guncho.. Who thought i would find you here..

What wa- oh.. It's you.. What lead you to come back here, Granch.

To submit a mission of course, seems to be related to us... Still on the imperial side you know? Just.. More unofficially..

Oh yeah, of course.. Why would you go to the rebel scums side, what even is the mission?
Granch hands over datapad to El Guncho

Seems that the rebels got hold of our sisters, Ganch's DNA or something.. And they are trying to replicate her fighting and leading capabilities on this secret base...

Wait.. Really??

Yeah... Take a look.
Picture on the datapad seems to be a character being transported using carbonite..

Hmm... And how did you get these pictures and find out about this?

I wasn't doing nothing while out there.. I got in the rebellion and got trusted enough to be stationed there. Of course with fake identities and all that.

Oh yeah, would think so with how secretive you have been with us in the past. Especially during the incident back at the family home.

Trying to forget that. Already forgiven everyone, including you. Thats why i can even be here.

Already forgiven you and Gonch, Ganch i havent forgiven yet knowing what she did but i mean i have to now since we are rescuing a look-alike.

Yeah.. Seems they are making her, just refining everything so no traitorous acts or anything, including making her a male to make him able to compete.

Oh yeah, male Ganch. Never wanted to see that ever.. And why come to me with this?

Because we both know we have to stop them, and to rescue Ganch. Only way to get her, i mean technically him back now. And you are the only one still in service, Gench the mandalorian really isnt working with them, nobody has even seen him in a long time...

Neither have i.. Shame Gonch is dead..

Wouldn't be so certain.. Ill tell you the truth later, but now i need you to take this to the current OD or any other trusted naval, not Lord Vader as i think most of the sith don't like Gonch, and in that way us...

Oh yeah of course, and you?

Gonna go to talk Gonch of course, i still have a friend or two in there that will be willing to help me. You just keep your mouth shut yeah?
Granch puts on his helmet on again, making him like the rest..

Of course.. Good luck..

Granch is seen walking into the enclave while everyone else is busy with something..

Knock knock, Gonch you there?

Behind you. Why come back?

Oh yeah, why haven't you knocked me over yet?

Because they put my essence in a sorcerers hilt, cant do jack shit to you anymore..

Oh thats a surprise, now i can bully you all i want. But hey, important thing.

What is it?

Oh yeah, nothing just Ganch being alive, sort of.

Alive? Definetly dead.

Wouldn't be so certain..
Shows same image he showed to Guncho on his datapad
In the carbonite? That's Ganch, atleast the male clone they made of her DNA...

How.. The rebel scum finally succeeded in something.. Any plans of getting him out?

Oh yeah, gave our distant relative El Guncho some intel, hes a CPT in 501st now.. Don't think you remember him since he was never here when you came to visit.. Teaching me how to talk to you right now..

Oh yeah no idea, and you told me this now instead of earlier?

Didn't know much back then, didn't think it was important as i thought he would just die out..

True, but he is gonna rescue what is left of Ganch?

Obviously, trust him enough to do that for our sister..

What about me? When are you gonna get me into the land of living again?

Oh yeah, got a plan for that. Just need to know where to find your essence.. Mind if i tell Guncho how to talk to you and then our plan?

Don't mind at all, just if he is friendly.. And yeah, go search for a exalted sorcerer going by the name [redacted]. He will know how to help..

Got you, good luck. Now go back in your helmet

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That saber should have been destroyed
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Posted Dec 13, 20
Kinda glad i didn't take the meeting fucking hell
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Posted Dec 13, 20
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We writing down shit thats happened now? wheres my fanfic
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Posted Dec 25, 20
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