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Imperial The final stand of the Confederacy of Independent Systems

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Mission Brief:
The VCSD Zong is in is normal patrol around the Outer Rim when the hologram begins to ring. An ISB operative relays a message to the VCSD informing them that an old cache of CIS B1 Battle Droids and B2 Super Battle Droids have been secured. They have been reprogrammed as little more than security droids, marching around and guarding areas. The VCSD is to transport them to the new ISB site on Kamino. The journey is all going well until the ship is pulled out of hyperspace by a gravity well. It is dragged into an asteroid field where asteroids strike the secondary bridge and engines, rendering the ship stuck. After this, a CIS Capital Ship comes into view, with other CIS Cruisers tailing behind. At this point, a small cargo shuttle is sent out and breaches the Primary Bridge, slaughtering all personnel there with ease. They then issue the reactivation order for the Battle Droids and just like that they begin slaughtering imperial personnel. After that, the cargo shuttle leaves and returns to its flagship

Destroy all the Battle Droids on the ship OR board the enemy capital ship and de-activate the Battle Droids again (something for spec ops to do)
Destroy all CIS ships (they must be destroyed easily as the CIS ships are jamming their signal so they cannot call for backup
Optional: Capture the Super Tactical Droid named General Neeb who has instigated this attack

3 Volunteers to be event enemies, for their first life two will be special operatives who infiltrated PB, and one will be a random enemy heavy
After they are destroyed, 2 will then be Magna-Guards and one will be General Neeb. They will remain on the ship fighting the spec ops. The general may surrender if he wishes, but nobody else is allowed to

EE Equipment:
The Spec Ops droids will be wearing the commando droid skins and will have a cloak, fiber wire, Vibro Sword, and the E-5 Rifle. The heavy will have a minigun and a jetpack
The Magna Guards will have red dual lightsabers (supposedly captured from dead inquisitors, also the stun-staff is trash and does no damage) but will not be permitted force abilities. The General will get the X-8 Night Sniper pistol

Conclusion: After all battle droids are dead, and the ships have been destroyed, IE will send out a drop-ship to find help. (all they need to do is just fly in a circle for a bit) after that, an ISD will exit hyperspace, and the ISD will drag the VCSD back to the Coruscant Repair Docks, where the Damage will be repaired, and an ISB operative will investigate what happened (good opportunity to name kill whoever was OD c: )
-By Nex
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Does look good, Unfortunately we do have a list of banned weapons and both the Red lightsabers and X-8 Nightsniper are on there. But i'm sure we can see what we can do
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Posted Sep 26, 20
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