In the setting sun, between the clouds of Bespin, an ominous shadow is being casted upon the small tibanna refinery facility "Tibanna Platform-818" by the mighty Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Watkins. The Empire is here to spread fear on another world.

Couple of days ago...

The ISD Watkins successfully recovered an old - and severly damaged - Y-wing from a Tatooine compound. The compound was swarmed with Sand Crawlers (Antilion Guards - or whatever the big boiz are) for some odd reasons and the local civilians turned against the investigating imperial party. Later revealed that the captured imperial civilians were defectors, whose distress signal was merely a trap for the ISD and its crew to be ambushed.

The hideout of the small rebel cell and the defectors were swiftly taken down by the enforcers of the Empire, and the scavenged Z-95 Headhuters were no match for the Imperial Navy's ace pilots. After the encounter was concluded an old Y-wing has been returned to the ISD for further investigations, that might reveal the rebel's history and their plans.

The technicians on the Star Destroyer, after a thorough diagnostics and investigation of the immobilized fighter, found out that all the data were wiped from its databanks and no logs were kept. Fortunately the navigation computer's data could be recovered...

Naboo, Bespin, Coruscant and small insignificant planets were revealed by the analyst team.
Most are under Imperial Control, but that one... that was neutral to the Galactic Empire...


The analyst team gathered all the information on the previous mission, found that fully and partially emptied Tibanna canisters were found in the Tatooine hideout, the Sand Crawler beasts were lured there by the tibanna's strong scent, to attack imperial troopers. And from all of a sudden, while testing the repaired Y-wing - to utilize for further stealth missions - a short range transmission was captured by the Y-wing test pilot...

A hidden comm channel was opened.

"Hey Y-wing, go away...!" - the Unknown Pilot transmitted to the Y-wing
"you are blowing my cover..."

"Who are you?" - Y-wing pilot

At this moment the sensors picked up an X-wing clamped to the ISD's hull.
A possible infiltrator, saboteur or spy...

"... I've been tracking this ISD for a while now! This is Rebel Spec Ops pilot Zakarando, help me ambush it!" - Rebel Pilot

The rebel operative has been lured into a trap and captured alive on the ISD, but the TIE hangar bays has been damaged by some detonators hidden on the X-wing. A couple of Sith interrogators were dispached to the ISD Watkins at this moment of time, and tried to get the most out of this operative...
He yielded some information of a operation, that involved luring the ISD Watkins into a celestial collision to destroy or immobilize it and to equal out the fighting forces between the ISD and the arriving ambusher rebels. The fast interrogation revealed this and the ISD jumped to safe distance from the sector.

The Task

  • Y-wing's Bespin coordinates could be analyzed
  • Can reveal the Tibanna Facility coordinates on Bespin
  • Can be arranged a meeting with the local authorities (Bespin Wing Guards)
  • Rebel operations be revealed that involve bribery of Wing Guards to smuggle tibanna offworld
  • Force User leads the rebel operation
  • Wing Guards can be allied to get benefits, like: refined Tibanna gas as reward (?), allies on the pursuit for rebels

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Additional assets (optional):
Cloud Car (LFS) -