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First Order Ebonheart's 2nd Staff Application

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Real name: Ashton
Steam name: Ebonheart
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104108365
In-Game name(s): Ebonheart
Do you have a mic?: Yes
How active are you on the forums?: Check every once in a while, will check more frequently in due time
Have you ever received any kind of punishment? Such as a warn, kick, ban?: Warns but they're 9+ months old.
In-game playtime total: ~640-650 hours on the server
(A minimum of 1 weeks in-game play-time is required)
Age: (You must be 15, some exceptions can be made.) I am indeed 15
Where are you from: (Please include the timezone compared to GMT)
England, Time zones are confusing
A bit about you:
I'm a bit of a strange one first of all. Been gaming for 12 ish years thanks to my dad's amazing decision to let me play xbox with him from when I was 3 until I was 5 when I got a nintendo Wii. I then got my own xbox 360 when I was 9, and oh boy do my parents probably regret that decision 6 years later cus it's all I do now with the occasional going out with friends. Got into PC gaming when I was about 7 however, played Red Alert 2 every weekend in a tournament sort of thing with my mum and grandad and got my ass kicked every time (I'd like to see them try and beat me now though ha). My dad got his pc in 2015 and would let me go on it every now and then playing Red Alert 3, the odd hour here and there on Gmod messing around in sandbox. I got given the pc in late 2017 when my dad had no use for it cus he bought a PS4 and so I spent my time on Rust and other games. On the 22nd of March, 2018 on a dark and gloomy school night I decided to look in the SWRP servers and saw our beloved FO server after deciding to not play Imperial because it had about 70 people online so I couldn't join. (I'm glad that I didn't) Fast forward to November 2018, took a short break from FO to check out Imperial and ended up staying till february. Oops. I returned to FO late February and now I plan to stay until I either Spontaneously combust or the server gets shut down.
Other staffing experience: I was advisor for 2-3 weeks back in October 2018 on FO
Why would you like to become a staff member( A minimum of 100 words):.
I want to be part of the staff team so I can enjoy and help the server and community more than the average player can. I'm very active with the odd day or two missed because IRL stuff n things. I'm an absolute lad and love the odd meme here and there (Good kind, not FN PVT Lil Pump kind of meme)and love the events that the staff team host, hoping to host some of my own some day or assist with some top notch events by other staff members. Not only am I aiming for staff to do some top quality events, but to make sure the MVG FO server doesn't descend into a spiral of minge and chaos like other servers have done in the past. In short: I want to help MVG #2 First Order survive and bring top quality events to the community and help it survive and thrive!
I know what I'm doing. Probably
Posted Mar 14, 19 · OP

Dear applicant, your application has been Denied due to you being slightly inactive. You are free to apply again after the cooldown. However, we suggest improving these issues before applying.

Spoiler: First Order Staff HistoryShow

Posted Mon at 07:11 pm
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