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Halo Gandalf's 2nd Staff App

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Real name: Hugo

Steam name: Gandalf The Rainbow

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:73023707

In-Game name(s): Top Man

Do you have a mic?: Yes

How active are you on the forums?: I haven't been really active lately, ever since I left. But i'm sure i'll get back into it, if I get to come back.

Have you ever received any kind of punishment? Such as a warn, kick, ban?: I have two warns from myself, and a single warn from MasterHarry with the the reason of "cuck"

In-game playtime total: Around 4 weeks
(A minimum of 1 weeks in-game play-time is required)

Age: 16 years of age
(You must be 15 or over NO EXCEPTIONS)

Where are you from: Denmark, GMT+1
(Please include the timezone compared to GMT)

A bit about you
: I'm from Sjaelland in Denmark, and i've got a lot of freetime lately due to some irl stuff. I've played on this server before, and just ultimately got bored of it. Now I hope to get a chance to see if I still enjoy it. I still go to handball where i've moved to the 1st division if that's what you call it, so I might have some times when I can't get on due to that. Otherwise there aint really nothing that special about me.

Other staffing experience: Well, i've had too many staffing experiences to even remember on gmod and other games. But the main one that sticks out is of course haloRP, wich is why i'm re-applying.

Why would you like to become a staff member: Because as I said, I think what I for real needed was just a long ass break. Because it became the most boring shit I'd ever done, atleast in the time before I left. Now I would like to give it another chance, because I like the community and the players on it. I've got the experience and motivation to try again. On top of that, I also like most of the staff members there. Worst thing that could happen is that I get bored again, wich I can decide on when i've retried it.
~Le Magician
Posted Mar 14, 19 · OP
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Your staff application has been Denied due to you not being active enough for the role. You may re-apply in 2 weeks
Posted Mar 16, 19
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