Slikk was born in coruscant, and raised by his 2 parents. They were a middle class family, doing well enough to get by. In Slikk's early years of his education, the teacher misread his name as "Silk", which everyone continued to call him throughout his entire education. Slikk was sick of it, he had had enough, so he decided to pursue a career in the Empire, where he could become a better version of himself, one not be named "Silk". After years of training, Slikk was sent to an ISD to live out the rest of his days. When he arrived, he made sure to introduce himself to everyone as "Slikk", however, it took no longer than a few days for people to start misreading his name. It got to the point where the Surface Marshal had to clarify what his name was in a debrief, but even that wasn't enough. Slikk was doomed to a life of being called "Silk".