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First Order Light's 2nd Naval Application

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In Character Section
Name & ID Number: Light/ 0161
Current Regiment & Rank:1st Recon MJR
Previous Regiment(s) & Rank(s):51st SGM/51st 1st LT/91st SGM/91st TEXO/Havoc 1st LT/Havoc TCO/Shock 2nd LT/Shock SGT/FN DCPT/1st Recon 1st LT/Assistant General/Naval Lieutenant (4 months)
Commanding Experience [minimum 100 words]:I have had a lot of Commanding Experience over my time in the First Order, I've commanded as most roles in the First Order, excluding Admirality, and I have been in Naval previously for a few months. Over them few months I had gained the skills and characteristics needed to command the ship/base in all situations. I have commanded regiments individually as a regimental officer and I have even had to command the ship as a regimental commanding officer at one point when all other Naval occupied. I think with all my experience within the First Order I will be easily capable of giving the correct tactics and orders to troopers throughout an attack.
Why do you think you are suitable for us and what can you offer to the Navy? [minimum 50 words]:I think I am a suitable candidate to join the Naval because of my previous rankings and my past commanding situations. I can offer many things to the Naval such as assistance within the departments to help bring out the full potential of troopers. I also believe I am suitable for the Navy because of my past work within the Naval and how is persevered through situations to reach the rank of Naval Lieutenant.
Describe the job of a Naval Officer [minimum 25 words]:In my own words, the job of a Naval Officer is to command the ship in dire situations while keeping the troopers calm and co-ordinated throughout the situation. I also believe the role of a Navy is to make sure Troopers are doing the right things at all times, making sure Troopers are not acting "defective" and dealing with them accordingly
History:I was born on a planet, far east of the Galactic Core. A small planet called OMEGA-021398. This planet was inhabited by some omnipotent and aggressive aliens and they decided to nuke the planet to shreds. There were only 2 transport ships for the entire army to evacuate, so I boarded the ship. Gazing outside of the window I watched as the other transport ship was blown up by the roaring flames. I knew then that I was one of the lucky ones.

As we attempted to find A new planet far away from the aliens, we came across a rather brightened planet which consisted of nearly water for most of it's surface. We all theorised whether the planet had life on it so we landed on
a flat bit of land and explored in one big group. We couldn't see any sign of life on the land, but as we searched closer and closer towards the ocean surface we all saw something that anyone would be frightened of. We all saw the ginormous shadow of a leviathan-like creature swam through the water, approaching us. We tried to run for out ship but it was a few miles out and we had no way of out running the great monster. While we were running, suddenly we heard a huge crash of water behind us. We all turned to see A giant sea dragon emerge out of the water, we looked in awe and fear, we were all froze in horror. We thought we were dead.

After a few minutes of us trying to re-collect our thoughts, we hard A large, echoing boom and the Sea Monster let out a loud, distressing cry. The creature submerged back into the ocean with A big splash. We weren't sure whether we were saved or in even more trouble. We tried to hide ourselves, but A large ship came and landed half a mile next to us. The ship must've took up about 30 miles of land, It had 1 a humongous cannon with some smoke pouring out of it. About 20 minutes after the landing a transport ship came out of the large,menacing ship and landed beneath us. There was about 40 soldiers, lined up in a smart double column/tight wedge hybrid. They marched towards us, being leaded by a potent, smart-looking male in a white dapper suit. We unarmed our weapons as they came towards us. We felt like they came to us in an instant, when in reality they were marching for a few minutes.

When they came to us, not one of us had any idea of what to say but we just looked at them and gave them our salute. The white suited male came up and greeted us giving us his name and exchanging his ships information with us. He claimed that he was the beloved Grand Admiral of the First Order and requested that we came into his ship to retain some shelter and some resources. We kindly agreed, getting back onto the transport ship we were flown into their Main Hangar. We were led out by a bunch of welcoming troopers who we all showed out respect to, and then we were escorted into some kind of meeting room. We were then asked about who we were and our history. After the conversations with were offered A deal within the First Order. Seeing as we had nowhere else to go and assuming our old army had been compromised, we agreed with the offer and with that our first day within the First Order was born. We were given multiple trainings before we were granted A clearance level but we were thankful and enjoyed every minute of it.

A few months later we were given A harsh and morbidly difficult test, we all had managed to pass it and were granted access to our new armour, loadout and clearance level. And after that, I was ready to begin working with the First Order. And managed to form my rankings and commanding experiences over time.

Anything else you wish to add: No.
OOC Section
When did you join the FO Server?: September 2017
How active can you be? (Also provide how many hours you've played in the past 2 weeks): I can be relatively active during the servers most important times, usually a few hours a day. Currently sitting on 60 hours in the past 2 weeks
Do you have a microphone?:Yes
OOC Administrative Information - DM on Discord to an Officer of the Admin Department
Steam Name: [mvg] Sazh
Steam Account Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198273089337/
Email Address: aidanjr2003@gmail.com
Which Admin Department Officer did you send this information to?: Naval Captain Harry
Anything else OOC you wish to add:Thanks for taking the time to read the story if you did, I kinda got carried away with it. Ty for taking this application into mind.
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Posted Mar 2, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 2, 19 by Light


I am happy to inform your application has been checked and passes the first stage, your application shall be reviewed on the 06/03/19 where the Navy shall come to a verdict.

Sincerely Naval Captain Harry
Posted Mar 2, 19

- Active

- Was a good previous navy

- Would be a good adition to the navy

- Loyal player

- Very serious

Good luck -Fred
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Posted Mar 2, 19


Your application will be reviewed next meeting once you return.

Sincerely Naval High Admiral Bill Nye
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Posted Mar 6, 19
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