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Imperial Unban Request Xeon

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In-game Username:
ST PVT 1939 Xeon
Steam ID:
Ban Reason: (Reason stated with ban)
Racism/Saying the N Word
Who Banned You:
I don’t seen that
Which Server:
Multiverse Gaming #4 Imperial Rises
Date of ban:
Length of ban:
Why you think you should be unbanned:
It’s my second unban request. I dind’t mean to offend anyone, it was said for fun. Now, after 2 week ban I realize that I did terrible thing. Racism is the worst thing on the Earth. Every one, black, white or yellow should be equal. I am sorry if I offended someone and I apologize everyone. I sad I realized it now, after ban. I hope my request will be accepted, I would like to play on Imperial again.
Posted Mar 2, 19 · OP


On behalf of the MVG Imperial Team I have decided that your unban request has been Accepted

I have came to this conclusion because: I will be giving you a second chance, if you get a warning on the server your permaban will be reinstated. You will be unbanned as soon as a HA+ has the time to do so, If it is not done within 3 days please contact an Imperial Head Admin+. Do not harass staff to unban you.
Posted Mar 2, 19
//Can confirm, this user has been unbanned
Posted Mar 10, 19
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