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Alphatitan's Pac3 application

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In-Game Name(s): 212th 1st LT AB 7274 Alpha
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:443163907
In-Game Rank (A minimum rank of 2nd LT or Council Member is needed): Captian
For what reasons would you use PAC? (A minimum of 100 words): I would like to use PAC as it would allow me to be more distinctive from the other high ranking members of my regiment, as not just a captian but also as a higher ranking member of the 2nd airbourne squad of the 212th regiment I would use my given access to PAC to mark myself more clearly in game as a higher ranking member of the 2nd airbourne whislt also staying within the confides of RP rules of the server. This would be very effective for the RP experience of both me and and the other members of my regiment, in some cases other members of the server in situations such as events or trainings.
Give us an example of what you would put on your character(s):
1. New helmet
2. Remove armour skirt
What effect would it have on your RP? (A minimum of 100 words): The effects this would have on my RP as said before my use for PAC would be to make myself stand out more amongst the regiment and other players on the server as a higher ranking member of both 212th regiment as well the 2nd Airbourne which is one of the regiments specialist jobs on the server. If needed I would also use my access to PAC to change appearance to that of the heavy trooper which is the other specialist job role that exists within the same job role slot as the 2nd Airbourne but as a seperate body group which anyone who is whitelisted to the job role has access to.
How many warnings do you have?: As far as I know I have 0 warnings.
Have you had PAC3 previously?: I have not previously had PAC3.
Are you fully aware that if you breach any of the rules your access will be removed?: I am fully aware of the rules involved when using PAC3 and the consequences for if they are broken.
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The following PAC Application has been Accepted

Contact an Admin+ in-game to receive your access and make sure you read the PAC Rules

Many Thanks

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Posted Jan 9, 19
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