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First Order -=Personal Archives: Makarov is still alive=-

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-=Accessing personal voice log archive. Owner: Makarov. Please enter Password=-
-=Password: 8956=-
-=Access Granted. Welcome Makarov=-

-=Entry no. 1=-

Fuckin hell, i didnt think i would manage to survive this damn rampage on the station. The station crash-landed on Endor after the incident, while also releasing the G-virus and Uroboros. *sigh* ... Im gonna need to try to make my way back onto ISD Pandora and warn everyone ASAP, though at this point i think that they think im dead. Right now, im stranded here, trying to find my way out of this god forsaken planet. Thankfully ive been a frontliner and an engineer in my own days, maybe ill manage to survive out there.

-=Entry no. 2=-

This is interesting now. During my trip around the planet finding a way out of here, ive found the long lost Resistance High Admiral Zero, the very same one that made my life a living nightmare during the Clone Wars age. He looked exhausted, beaten up like hell. And yet, i finally got a chance to kill him and take my revenge. But thats not the most important thing. Ive stumbled upon a small resistance base a few days back. Goin' in loud ain't gonna do shite so i will have to take on a stealthy approach. The best thing is that they did have some ships on standby. if i could steal one of them, i could finally get out of this bloody planet.

-=Entry no. 2=-

It is suspiciously quiet near the base. I tried to sneak my way inside and all i saw there was pure carnage. The base looked like as if it was massacred by someone. Or something. I found one of their voice logs and it seems the J-virus invaded the base, though it seemed to be completely devoid of control, which makes me assume the virus started to evol-

*Loud wall breach and scary roars can be heard*

Ah shit! Its one of those! JUST DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH!

*Gunfire can be heard*

That thing is bulletproof. I need to get out of here ASAP! Theres a speeder here, maybe ill be able to use it to outrun that thing!


-=Entry no. 3=-

Goddamn, now the resistance are on my tail, i need to speed up for god's sake!

*5 minutes later*

MAKAROV: Ah. Seems like you guys got me. Though right now, i am your least thing to worry about.

RESISTANCE SOLDIER: And what would that true danger be?

*The Beast's screech can be heard behind the soldiers*

MAKAROV: Good luck with the monster! Heheheh....Wait, oh god no please dont murder me!

*The monster crouches in front of Makarov*

???: I am no killer, old friend. Dont you recognize me? Dont you remember me from the Clone Wars age?

MAKAROV: Commander Crona? Heh, didn't think ill see ya again old friend. You've changed.

CRONA: Hah, indeed i did. I heard youve been the one to make this virus. Hell of a job you have done back there.

MAKAROV: As a matter of fact, yes. But enough talking for now, we need to find our way out of this planet. We need to get to ISD Pandora, they will help us there.


Entry no. 4

Weve been trying to find a ship to get out of Endor, but there seems to be no ship around. Were trying to scavenge for parts to create a temporary FOB till we leave the planet. Not to mention the resistance armies they are pumping at us, coming from all angles. Now, i didnt share this secret with anyone but ive injected myself with the experimental, amplified version of the G-virus which should work on beings like myself. I am keeping it as a last resort weapon. I have never managed to test it, i didnt even manage to see if the specimen has control over it either. Once i use it, i will be gone forever and will then be known as a monster, an embodiment of the devil himself. In other words, my current self will be gone and only the virus will remain.


MAKAROV: Oi Crona got any parts around?

CRONA: No. There is barely anything to scavenge from here. Wait, what is that vial of yours you got?

MAKAROV: Oh that? That is my last resort weapon. It will save us from death in case resistance raids us again, but it will also destroy my brain and permanently turn me into a monstrous beast.

CRONA: Another virus, ah? You sure its safe to use it?

MAKAROV: Sadly, im not sure. We will never kno-

*Resistance Armies and intense gunfire and artillery can be heard coming in, along with Crona being shot with artillery and dying*

MAKAROV: Crona no! Gah, i guess i have no other choice. There is no other way.

*Syringe injection can be heard, along with a monstrous beast, explosions and resistance screams*


You can consider this as my possible return to FO. It is not guaranteed however, and its not guaranteed ill be back in havoc either. Perhaps we will meet again one day. Till we meet again mah bois.

EDIT: After closer consideration, it would be best if i dont join back. I heard that its going through some rough times and, well, havoc goin through bad times also. And cause i have better things to do anyways lul.
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Ok wb
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Posted Dec 17, 18
Oh you meme, read again, i said ITS NOT GUARANTEED. reeeee
Posted Dec 17, 18 · OP
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