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Clone Wars Wolley's fleet application

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IC section:
Name:GM CPT 2344 Wolley

Rank:GM CPT, Jedi Knight, RC LCPL


History:I was born (if you can call it that) on kamino, as a cadet i wasnt really special, passed all my tests and everything went nice, I was deployed on the current venator, and that was when I started to shine, I have joined the 91st battalion, ive worked all my way to 2nd LT with hard work, sweat, tears, and blood (alot of it). I have made it to a very high medic rank, i have mastered the ways of the medics, Curing hundreds if not thousands of people, finding cures, and saving people, although it went very good for me there, I was feeling in need of a change, I felt like I wanted to be in the frontlines, i wanted to feel it on my own "flesh", so I joined the 212th battalion, where i have learnt how to fight in the frontlines with heavy weaponry such as: DLT-19, TX-130, Thermal Detonators, RPS-6. I was pretty good using it, but I felt like my power is going all to waste, since I am more of a fast agile trooper, I decided to move to the GM, mostly because of the weaponry, it was in the GM's where I have achived the rank of CPT, after very long work. I have mastered the GM weaponry such as:Repeater, Flamethrower, D.O.G. I have also trained with the Grappling Hook and got very good at it. Since then i serve under Commander Keller.

Commanding situations:As a 2nd LT in 212th+91st, and a CPT in GM. I can say my commanding situations have a very verstile sense.
I have led the 91st at the backlines healing and assisting.
I have led the GM in long hard breaches ending up in a succesful way.
In the 212th I have led as a frontline officer, I have led by killing droids and taking heavy fire, but always ending up succesful.

Previous Rank's on the Titan:CPT, 2nd LTx2, Knight

Why do you want to be part of the fleet:I feel like I have done pretty much alot of what you can do as a trooper. now I want to step it up, and be a Fleet memeber, I have been an officer for very long and I want to
be a memeber of the fleet now, since I feel like I got what you need to be a fleet member.

What could you offer to the fleet:A verstile leading knowledge, since I have been in 3 different regiments, I know how to lead in the backlines and RP, Plus being in the frontline and attacking. I feel like what I have is a very important thing for a fleet member

OOC section:
Steam name:Wolley


Gametime (5+ days of gametime are required):Around 2-3 Weeks

Describe the job of Fleet:The job of the fleet is to lead, they probably have the most important one, They lead the titan, they make sure everything goes by orders, they are basically the overlords of the titan. They keep it up and running, while leading and making order.

Anything else you want to add:Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.
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Posted Oct 23, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 23, 18 by Wolley
Hello and thanks for showing interest to join the Fleet.

However applicants no longer make applications on the forums now, they must request to speak to anyone within the Admiralty team to organise a formal 1 to 1 interview. I recommend approaching us in-game and we can take this further and arrange an interview for you in private.

Just gonna move this to Denied as applications now don't serve a purpose.

Many Thanks.
Posted Oct 23, 18
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