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Imperial Sc Cpt Gabriel - Player report.

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Your In-Game Name: IM PFC 2404 MI Polk

Their Name: SC CPT JT 4678 Gabriel OD
Their SteamID: STEAM_0:1:125773751

What server was it on? Imperial RP

Summary of the incident: I had just spawned in, went out of my bunks and there was an ST who was stuck. Gabriel was in the elevator with the ST. I tried calling an admin to get the ST out. an IC though we should just kill him but changed his mind, we though he got unstuck. Gabriel proceeded to taze both Kermit and the ST who was stuck to get out (Equipment abuse x2). When everyone was out Gabriel tried to kill Kermit with his sheild by jumping up and placing it... I tried to go in the way of Gabriel but he proceeded to kill me with his sheild (RDM). I am unsure if he killed Kermit but I know he killed the IC later. I did not see him kill the IC but I have a screenshot of the IC dying to "world" same as me when I was flattened by the sheild.

Evidence: (Evidence must be provided)


This has been Polk
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Posted Aug 8, 18 · OP
Hi Polk
I have reviewed your evidence as well as the statement you have put.
I have decided that the SC Captain will be getting a 2 warns. One for RDM and the other for Equipment abuse. However as well as this because the ST Kerrmit for ARDM as well as bean will be spoken to.
Thank you for reporting this in and it will be dealt with as soon as possible when i am on the server

Many thanks Corbyn
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Posted Aug 8, 18
//Moved to accepted and locked
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Posted Aug 8, 18
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