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false warning

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Well you can check blogs to see for proof and i believe the owner did so in order to get the proof.
Posted Jun 13, 16
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you were warned for dropping weapons then continued to argue the point after numerous people told you to let it go i even said don't dig yourself a deeper hole and make things worse for yourself you ignored this and then continued to argue the point in ooc you were warned for dropping weapons for cadets and then lying about it when i did an admin sit with you you specifically said you didn't drop the weapon even though multiple people said you did then later on the owner checked the logs and found that you dropped your regiments main weapon you continued to argue and say you never dropped it and the the logs made a mistake later on after i warned you for it you said in ooc you did indeed drop it but not for a cadet thus you still lied and then when you continued to fight the point .

it says directly in the rules that a staffs word is final to argue it further after it was dealt with granted yet another warn from myself you then asked if there was a way to report staff and i told you to do it on the forums tanks then banned you to cool down as you were only making things much worse for yourself when really it was a simple warn.

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