High quality events multiple times a day including planetary one's. Multiple factions and story lines to create an immersive RP experience for everyone. We aim to reinact anything set in the starwars universe featuring battle droids of all kinds, Sith, and other villain types. Whatever you know of starwars, you'll find it in our events.

We have a highly dedicated staff team who are committed into giving the best experience possible, anything from assisting you with issue's, general support, whitelisting and event making. Our staff team has the experience to cover it all. Our staff perform duties around the clock to ensure this server remains active & popular.

We are a proud server and one that see's us getting around 80-100 players per day with weekends being our busiest times. We currently have 9 full-time active regiments with an additional 2 being sub-regiments along with Drill Sergeants & NSO. Whatever you're looking for you'll find here.

Our development team are consistently striving to make the experience enjoyable day in day out with consistent development on a weekly basis, anything from suggestions to content creating, the team works towards making the server sustainable & performance managed. Our team constantly provides updates on the status of anything that they're working on, so you'll always be kept informed.


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MVG Clone Wars

Clone Wars CGI Star Wars Role-play Server. Join the war against the CIS Soldier!


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